Pearson EasyBridge Basic Account Gatekeeper Registration

Thank you for your help in identifying an account gatekeeper for your Pearson EasyBridge Basic solution. This will enable us to communicate critical product information about your Pearson digital programs to the correct person/people at your school or district.
An account gatekeeper determines who in your district or school is authorized to access and view class rosters and teacher content in your Pearson digital curriculum programs and has full administrator privileges. Class rosters contain personally identifiable information (PII data) that should only be accessible by authorized individuals.

Please provide the contact information for your Pearson EasyBridge Basic account gatekeeper here. Enter the mailing zip code for the school or district you would like to assign an account gatekeeper and select the school or district from the drop-down list. If you don't see your district or school from the list of available choices, please verify that this is the official zip code of record and try again. You may also use the text box at the end of this form to communicate any additional information about your gatekeeper to the Pearson EasyBridge Team.